Home is

This weekend I’ve been distant from the blogging world, those post were scheduled to be posted if I died, but I’m still alive lol
This post is fresh, as fresh is the “Pastel de Belem” that I’m eating and that’s inspiring this post.
The world is a huge place, when you do you share of traveling there are places that feel like home for no reason and if there’s city that I love and whenever I’m there I feel like I’m home it’s Lisbon.
Funny thing about Lisbon is that it’s not one of the cities that people would think of visiting when they come to Europe and I have to thank that people, having less visitors than cities like Paris and Barcelona, keeps Lisbon genuine.
If you ever been to Lisbon you know that is true, Lisbon has something, that “Je ne sai quoi”, perhaps it’s the incredible food, the delicious coffee (one of the best in the world, take my word), the fantastic bread and pastries, the city itself and the wine (Sweet Day Under The Oaks, I have your attention now?), Portuguese wine is delicious and underrated, I like better white wine, they have this incredible wine called Vinho Verde, ohhhhh baby Jesus, take me now!!!
Man this Pastel de Belem is delicious, seriously, it’s foodgasm.
Have a nice week.