This is…Friday!

This is The Misadventures of Misaki

The Misadventures of Misaki

“I’m Misaki, a 10-month old Alaskan Malamute puppy and I live with my humans in the UK. When I’m not blogging, I spend my time eating, chasing pigeons in the park and trying to make sense of the stupid things my humans do.”

If you are regular you are probably familiar with Misaki’s blog, whenever I’m creating trouble and conflict there’s Misaki involved. She usually sides with Mollie, up to a few days ago when Misaki was caught killing a mother of 8 I thought she was an innocent puppy trying to help a friend but as you know there’s nothing new under the sun, murderers band together and so do frisky girls.
I think the first time I read Misaki’s blog was a post regarding she rolling on fox poo, then I kept reading and later on enter a competition that marked the beginning of my well known addiction. She sent this delicious treat for Doggy, I said delicious not because I tried but because Doggy loved it.
Did you know that Misaki means beatiful blossom? Although she’s also called Massala and who doesn’t like Massala?  So pop over her blog, you’ll like her.

Misaki, College Years.

Special thanks to the person behind the blog, she’s a good sport and has a great sense of humor and we gotta appreciate specially now when people take things too serious. Why so serious?

This is…Friday!!