Medusa, where art thou?


I don’t think there’s any underage between my readers, but just in case:

Kids do not read this, got to the Dora The Explorer website or whatever, what I’m gonna write is too hardcore for kids, do not read it ok?
I read a post yesterday on talking about neighbors and this made me think about my first neighbor experience in Seville.
Living in the city I had little to none interaction with my neighbors, was big building but only 1 apartment per floor, I would always use the stairs so didn’t have to pretend to be nice.
In Seville the first building had only 4 floors, 1 apartment per floor I was leaving on the second floor, the first was empty, the third was used as a motel by one of the kids of the owner (I know this cuz he asked me once if the noise had bothered me, I asked what noise he explained what THAT noise) and on the 4th a couple of spinsters, they are sisters and here’s this gets dirty.
These two ladies were friendly, they are retired and were all day long at home watching the time pass by and watching my comings and goings. They would read my postcards so I made sure my friends would write nasty things on them to give them something spicy to read.
They put a note on the door to the roof top that literally read “Do not walk on high heels, it damages the insulation.”, they didn’t wear high heels, the rest of the building was empty and good knows they don’t make heels of my size, I once was invited to a “heels party” and I was the only one wearing flats.
They would wait for me to talk to them, they had my routine memorized and knew when I would be back from my early run, they would catch me and ask  millions of question.
My friends, talking it’s ok, but what I’m about to describe it’s not nice, and I’ll be as little graphic as possible. One of them would stand one flight os stairs up and talk to me from there, she was wearing a moo moo (breath) and NO underwear!!!! You got it, no unmentionables, once you’ve seen IT there’s not going back, it’s like seeing Medusa right into her eyes, one of the most awkward moments in my life, life in Seville that is, cuz I’ve been blessed with awkward moments.
This went on until the day I moved, what do you do in cases like this? I could have written a not asking all neighbors to wear underwear right?