Pain in the neck, literally.

So my dear readers, friends, passers-by, baby Jesus, a few days ago a posted What could it be? to create a little mystery, little I knew I was getting into DS.
I came up with the brilliant idea to make a blogroll like most people do, after seeing how Le Clown made his I asked him if it was ok for me to copy his idea, he said yes but I never got into it till yesterday.

It’s been a pain in the neck, literally, not  hassle, but my neck is feeling it, I’m getting old and always forget to take care of my posture.
I thought I would have it done by today but it won’t be possible, I’m only 35 blogs down, I’m gonna publish the blog roll by the end of the week, starting with the blogs I interact the most and then I’ll add the rest once I’ve received the neck transplant. I was going to show you how it is going to look but I won’t, you’ll have to wait till I’m done.

Incidentally if you haven’t voted for the children, please do, the children will appreciated it, world peace is ok this time.
To read what is about go here: It’s for the Children
To simply vote for me (Doggy) and for poor Mollie who has never won a prize and keeps organizing contest for us go here: Voting for our pumpkins is saving the Children

For all of you preparing for Sandy, stay safe and I hope it turns out to be like Irene.