The Blond in the orange dress

Sorry to bother you again, but as you all now I have issues with competitions, I like to enter all contest and fight.
I submitted a pic for the best Halloween Costume, I have to THANK YOU for all the votes on the pumpkin thing, we are winning, so you have to send me your name so I can came my kids after you.
This is the picture I submitted for the competition organized by Mollie and Misaki, Doggy is fighting against the girls, he was owning that wig and the fake boobs, he actually ate the fake boobs. I have to come up with a dragqueen name for Doggy. To vote if you want, click on the pic or here: Vote Hope, Vote Change, Vote for the blond in the orange dress.

Misaki just came up with a name for Doggy, more than dragqueen is pornstar name Missy Pimplebutt,this is deranging but it’s fun, so if you have any suggestion let us her it.
Put a name suggestion on the comments if you want and I’ll legally change Doggy’s name.

Vote Hope.