a revolutionary monday

I had a post ready, Acts of Swine is called, I’ll post it another day, what happened this Monday deserves a post.
I’m still in shock, the visits to my blog rocketed, literally doubled the best day ever, so did the comments and the likes, I should throw a party and all, but I’m preparing for the crash tomorrow, or today, cuz you are reading this today even tho I’m writing it yesterday.
I don’t know who to thank, so I’ll thank Baby Jesus and the children and ask them to provide me some meds for the depression I’ll get once I see that incredibly high bar next to the rest, depressing, but baby steps till the million and let’s do basic math:

If I keep receiving that amount of visits a day and adding the visits I already have I would hit 1 million before January 7th, how many visit do I have so far and when will I reach half a million? Plus 3.

Looks like Sandy did some serious damage, specially Downtown area and by the river. All of my people is ok, last time I checked they were having a Grease marathon, I hope all of you who were on the path of Miss Sandy are ok too.