Let it prickle

Almost a Mustache

A few weeks ago I read on A Clown on Fire a post called “Bloggers for Movember”, so I’m joining the movement and will let my practically non-existent mustache grow, it’ll look ridiculous but who cares?

We all know someone struggling with the damn cancer. I lost a really good friend of mine a year ago, she was too young and the way she went was too drastic and unexpected.
My grandpa (father’s side) also died of cancer, luckily nobody else in the family has suffered from it but since I was a little kid I’ve been aware of it. I didn’t have the chance to know my grandpa, he died when my dad was 18. All I know is that he was a bright man, he was mayor of his city and was a hell of a funny man. He kept a diary with practical jokes he would play on people. Growing up aware of what cancer was, once I reached my teens I let my ratty hair grow and believe me, my hair is a mess, it’s sorta curly and as thick as the hair of a pig, just picture a wavy haired pig and that’s me. The mess was worth it though, it was for the children (for real, not like when I ask for votes). They say they could make 2 wigs with my rat nest of hair.
If I could cope with years of long, messy hair a month with a nasty mustache is nothing. It’s all for a good cause and to raise awareness.
So ladies, gentlemen, let your mustache grow, even if it prickles when you kiss, is all for a good cause.

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