This is…..a mess

This is….a mess.

I’ve been having issues with WordPress, I couldn’t ask someone to pick the blog to be featured today on This is Friday cuz it would,’t load that page as it doesn’t load the reader, is not my browser or computer, believe I’ve tried everywhere. It doesn’t let me see all comments, I see orange thing there but it doesn’t load, I hope it’s fixed soon or I’ll go on a killing spree at the WordPress headquarters (Mr. WordPress, this is a joke, I don’t own a gun nor do I know where you are located so please do not be uptight and take this serious.)

I had a post ready for days like today, so where we go:

Let’s go kill some elephants

I was reading the news, Spanish news that is, I don’t do it often cuz it’s too depressing, I used to be obsessed with reading the news in the daily basis, reading The Economist, NYTimes, WS Journal and things like that, then it hit me that I was wasting my time, yeah, knowledge is power but what kind of power do bad news give me? None, they are useless, nothing I do or think will change the current panorama so I rather remain oblivious to a lot of things. Of course I still try to see what’s going on but nothing deep.

The Spanish paper has something that caught my attention “La Inviolabilidad del Rey” or the King’s Inviolability, regarding paternity cases, meaning that you cannot take the Spanish King to the Maury Show (European friends, the Maury show is a cute show to see with your kids, they make up names like Chaluanda, Kiniquee, Sheehta, etc.) for a DNA test, that’d be hilarious, you would see on a side of the panel the Queen, who never talks and when it does is to say something really stupid like her book, and on the other side all the women with whom the Kind have messed around or screwing around in the past years, which has been a lot, rumor has it the King thought of himself as Richard Gere in Pretty Woman and liked to pick up street walkers, that when he is not killing elephants in Africa or falling flat on his ass.
I would volunteer the deliver the DNA results, it would be a really nice show.Kids, nobody is above the law, nobody except the King and the Royal family, cuz the husband of one the princess is involved in a huge scandal, they were using a non-profit to avoid paying taxes on their company, it’s been in the open for a year, but nobody can question the princess, she’s not like us they say.

This was political Friday, have a nice weekend.