Long Life Cats and Dogs

To all my wonderful readers,

Every now and then a post comes through that simply touches your heart.  You are left with no option but to help in whatever way you can.  Living in South Africa, means that I can be of no assistance to these dogs in urgent need and I, therefore, appeal to you all, if you live anywhere in the USA, to hop over to Temporary Home Permanent Love and read the latest post “Sharing is Caring”.

This is Freckles – referred to as a goofball of love!

I tried to do a re-blog, pressed the button and……nothing!  I like to think I’m not completely techno challenged but WordPress seems to think I am (must be their fault – certainly can’t be mine!)

Anyway, back to the point.  These dogs are in a shelter in Crawfordville, FL (no idea where that is but hoping some of you…

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