My road to a Pulitzer -Part 1-

Dear readers, please accompany me on this journey to a Pulitzer.

This is too long of a post to publish it at once so I’ll divide it in easy to read chapters, by the end of this journey you may understand how the  mind and creative process of a Pulitzer winner works.
A Pulitzer? Leo has lost his marbles you may be thinking and you are probably right, after all typos and mild dyslexia (not a biggie, I developed writing problems because of the mess speaking 3+ languages was as a kid, I just basically don’t see any errors when I read what I’ve wrote, because my mind anticipates what is supposed to be written that way I don’t see all the mistakes I make until days later when my mind does not longer has the chain of thoughts as fresh as when I wrote it. Does it make sense or am I babbling?) are underrated.

The Pulitzer thing is no crazy talking, but allow me to take you where all it started so you can better understand how did I reach the conclusion to submit an “article” in the near future.

A comment from Long Life Cats and Dogs left me a few days ago ignited this dream, because it became a dream, I’m not sure if I should or shouldn’t thank LLCD for this tho, the image below shows the comment, she’s talking about me being Freshly Pressed, I laughed at the thought of it but then doing some deep pondering while eating a nasty paella (likely was the responsible for the 2 days I tossed my cookies) that I wanted a Pulitzer or even the rejection letter, but to start with I want a Pulitzer.

The above mentioned comment

You all know my battle with National Geographic Magazine, I’ve been submitting pictures of over a year and never get published, it’s ok, it doesn’t discourage me, I know they secretly love me but are too shy to accept it, so with that mindset I’ll take over the Pulitzer and if it wasn’t because the Nobel Prize is not an open call award I would apply for it too.

To be continued……

And since LLCD is from South Africa here’s a video of one of the greatest of that country: