Recap from My road to a Pulitzer -Part 1-

Basically I said that LLCD made me wanna win a Pulitzer, what she said was Freshly Pressed but I if Sandra Bullock won a Oscar I can win a Pulitzer and after that I’m sure the guys from the Nobel committee will give me the Nobel to Literature. 

-Part 2-

Now determined to win a Pulitzer, I only needed a winning (according to me) “article”, something that would change the way we see life, something that would set a reference, of course at that point I was empty, I had no inspiration, not until I wrote the post for Bloggers for Movember, which was edited by a friend of mine and by editing I mean removing typos and misspells, he refuses to touch the core of any of my posts when I ask him to proof read something, which doesn’t happen often, he says he’s not funny and my writing style (yeah, I’ve got a style) is not easy to copy because is basically a mess, I write the same way I talk, a huge mess. However, I think my friend is funny, he makes me laugh, just by being him, meaning I laugh at him not because he says/does funny things but because he is a joke (no offense intended or).
We usually talk over iMessage, he ask me for advice about life and I usually tell him the story of a dog and fox, I won’t tell you the story, I’ll show you an image and you’ll get the idea.

Rough life? Could be worse.

So the day LLCD made the comment I asked him to proof read the Let it prickle post, I told him I needed to win a Pulitzer and we jumped on board right away, not because he trust my skills or anything but because he want’s part of the $10,000 they give to the winner meaning me, he’s after the money, little he knows he won’t get a penny.

The transcript of said conversation I’ll share it with your on the next post.

Today’s sountrack is brought to you by Ethel Waters, I was looking for a song about style, but I  found one with rhythm