Approved by Queen Elizabeth

I’ll share with you an award winning Chimichanga Recipe that I shared with a friend of mine not too long ago.
Please note that I’m coping and pasting the recipe as it was sent to that friend, so if there’s any insult is not directed to you but to my friend.


Chicken breast
Flour Tortillas
Bay leaves
Black pepper
Green Pepper
Olive oil or butter or Crisco if you are soul.
Cheese (Mozzarella, Oaxaca, Monterrey Jack or any cheese you like, but please do not use philadelphia, that’d be gross)
A whole bunch of love (this is the most important ingredient)


Bring water to a boil, use a large pot or not too large, or yes, whatever or a sauce pan, I don’d know your kitchen.
Once the water is boiling you throw some salt, some pepper, 2-3 garlic cloves (depends on how much chimichangas are you pigging out on) half onion, celery, throw the chicken and let it cook till it’s cooked (duh).
Once the chicken is cooked, remove it and let it cool, you know, it’s hard to cut it when it’s too hot, but that’s up to you.
Cut the chicken in little cubes, chop onion, green pepper, cilantro, ohhhh I forgot something, the bay leaves were supposed to be used in the first part, the chicken cooking, but because nobody ever goes step by step, I’m sure you’ll read this on time to use it when you are supposed to.
Ok, chop tomato and put it aside.
On a large skillet or use whatever you have, put a little bit of oil, throw all the things you chopped but hold your chickens (get it?, don think so.), see at this point comes personal taste and that’s a bitch, I personally like the onion crunchy same with the pepper, so I don’t saute them too long, just enough to get the flavor out, then bang, release your chickens, throw salt, pepper, cumin, to taste, if you see that it’s a little dry put a couple of spoons full of chicken broth (cuz you didn’t throw it down the drain did you? WHY??? you could have saved it to cook some good old rice later, you are soooo dumb!!)
Now you are ready to stuff your tortillas, fold them and fry them on your Crisco, cuz I know you like Crisco, once they are brown throw them a kiss (bunch of love) and remove them from the oil.

For the dressing…..that’s a different recipe which you are not ready for  yet, so use sour cream or ketchup.

Not a Chimichanga, a Dog Treat.

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