Your 2 cents, let’s make them 50 for Movember

50 Cent, The Coin.

This is now closed, THANK YOU for commenting and sharing.

There I was pondering as to what to donate to the Movember initiative when a muse decided to visit me and illuminate this old mind of mine.
I’ve joined the Bloggers for Movember team and to it will go my donation, which by the end of this post will be ours.
Here’s how this is gonna work, for every comment this post gets I’ll donate $0.50, I’ll count all the comments (excluding my replies and others’ replies, it’ll only count 1 comment per blog) on November 21st (actually November 20th at 11:59:59 pm Eastern European Time).
What I pretend is to get everyone involved and have fun with it.
What counts as a comment?
Pretty much whatever, but not a happy face or any other emoticon, don’t take me wrong I’m not fishing for compliments or ego boosters either, but an emoticon is way too simple. See instead of🙂 you can write “Face using the zygomaticus major and risorius muscles with aid of the buccinator” which basically means happy/smilie face but it looks different, get the idea? I know you do.

I hope it doesn’t leave me homeless, just in case I’ll limit the number of comments to 1 million (ha! I wish, I’m not Oprah nor Bill Gates or a drug dealer), seriously, I will not set a limit but I also gotta be reasonable because I have a furry beast to feed.
This post may lack solemnity or may even look like a joke, but it isn’t, the intention is good so let’s get it rolling.
If you want to help, you could reblog this post, and let people know that they can contribute raising more money by coming this way and leaving a comment.

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