Homeless for Movember

Day 8

I know is the second Friday in a row without This is…Friday, but it’s all for a good cause. To you, the chosen for this Friday, I’ll feature you next, you still have to send me the little thing I asked, no pressure.

So, this is how my mustache looks after 8 days, not great but not bad, I’ll get used to the idea and so will people around me, no more hobo beard, now is the porn actor mustache and I gotta own it till the end of the month.
Reason I’m doing this you all know, is the Movember movement, I’ve joined the Bloggers for Movember team and just in case you’ve missed yesterday’s post go here’s the link so you can take a look and see how you can help: YOUR 2 CENTS, WHAT ABOUT 50?

It’s easy, you bring people over, they leave a comment on yesterday’s post and I’ll go homeless. As easy as that, share the post, reblog it, every comment counts, it isn’t for me nor for the children, it’s for a really good cause.