Follw-Up Friday

Let’s wrap up the week.

My Road to a Pulitzer Part 1 and Part 2:
This was basically the introduction so you can understand what’s driving to pursue this dream, that it wasn’t a dream until I actually dreamed about it. It was thanks to a couple of bloggers that I went from not wanting an award at all to wanting the Nobel Prize to Literature. But as for now let’s focus in the Pulitzer

The Greatest Blog Contest of All Time: 
The Title says it all, if you haven’t entered yet please do so, this will be a great story to tell your kids in the future, when they ask you: Mom, Dad, where were you when The Greatest Blog Contest of All Time happened?. If you participate you’ll be able to look up and say: “I took part of it” there’ll lots of crying and stuff like that, guaranteed. You have till the 13th to submit your entry.

Who Doesn’t Love a Mug? 
Thanks to Out Furever Family I got a mug to call my own and to rub on people’s face if necessary.

Approved by Queen Elizabeth
This was chimichanga recipe, the pic is not related to the recipe but to some treats that the Queen herself had for tea not too long ago, you know she’s a bit old, she thought the treats were cookies and pigged out on them, later she was told they were dog treats but she loved them so much that she ordered more from Mollie and that’s what the royal family eats now.

 Your 2 Cents, What About 50?

50 Cent, The Coin.

Trying to raise funds for the Movember movement and my team, Bloggers for Movember. I’m not asking for money, but by every comment that post gets I’ll donate $0.50, I may or not become homeless after this, it all depends on you. So keep the comment coming and see how I become homeless before December. A huge THANK YOU to everybody who took the time to leave a comment and share the post, I’ll knock at your dog when I’m hungry.

Homeless for Movember:
Basically a reminder of the above post.

This post is part of an idea that Jodi had to allow people to catch up with a week worth in post at a glance, it’s supposed to be on a Friday but my Friday’s are taken, so let’s pretend today is Friday.

Follow-Up Friday