Dream On

dream |drēm|
• a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal
• an unrealistic or self-deluding fantasy

Horses, Carrots, are they related?

Me: Come on, you gotta read it, believe me, this is good sh*t. I’ve done a lot of research and talk to friends that work in research for Harvard and UCLA and they agree with me, this is a winner.
I’m not asking you to edit it (not at first) just take a look and tell me what you think, you don’t have to read the 6,000 words, pick a paragraph and read it, you’ll love it.

Le Clown: Don’t know, the title doesn’t say much.

Me: Doesn’t say much?! The title says it all!

Le Clown: I’m not reading it, horses, carrots, that doesn’t sound like Pulitzer material to me, believe me I know better.

Me: Give it a shot, I’ve been working long hours, just read it (I would put the paper on his red nose and he would close his eyes)

Le Clown: I’m blind, can’t see it.

Me: For goodness sake! Just read!

Le Clown: No, won’t do.

Me: Ok, hear me out then.

Le Clown: Well, that’s what I’ve been doing.

Me: Hush, and hear this, it’s genius:

“How many carrots can you fit in a horse’s mouth? by Leo.”

“If we go back in history we will see that is not the first time such question is aroused. The ancient greek were already trying to answer it, they built a giant horse and tried to fit humans dressed as carrots on its mouth. However, let’s not forget that not all horses are giant or made or wood, what about a pony? Have we thought about the carrots? What about baby carrots? Are baby carrots for real, or carrots cut out of bigger carrots? And if so. doesn’t count as 1 carrot or a dozen of them? All this questions..”

Le Clown: Stop, stop, stop! This is brilliant! Why didn’t I read this before? You gotta publish this.

Me: See, I told you it was a nice article.

Le Clown: Still, the title doesn’t say much, I think it would be better “Carrots and Horses, are they related?”

Me: Woke up.

All the above are actual facts of a dream.

Did I tell you Le Clown is effing famous?
Did I till you he’s been Freshly Pressed?
Did I tell you he was featured on the WP Daily Post?
Did I tell you he’s the a hell of a blogger and a hell of a person?
And lastly, did I tell you I’m now in his blogroll?

If I failed to mention any of the above before or you haven’t check it out, please do, it’ll be a Magnificent™  experience.

Clown image belongs to: CEEME