The Mumbers of Movember

Valuable readers,
Last week I decided to commit financial suicide by donating 50 cents per comment on this post Your 2 cents, let’s make them 50 for Movember. (click if you haven’t commented, I’ll bug you till the end of the days, or at least for 1 extra week).

Mumbers of Movember*

There are a decent number of comments, and I thank you all, but what really surprised me is that there’s people giving it a push, people who I didn’t know before this, they somehow found the post and decided to mention my post, I really appreciate it.
I won’t mention yet their blogs, I’ll do it once it’s over, I gotta put this old brain of mine to work and make a nice post for them and for all of you who have reblogged the post and have taken de time to leave a comment.

I’m glad to inform you that I’ve a found a generous donor, this person will donate the same amount I raise with the comments, no is Oprah or Bill Gates, rumor has it that Gayle is keeping Oprah from letting her mustache grow, probably because it prickles her when they kiss.

Let me share with you a private message I got the other day relating the Movember 50 cents, I thought it was hilarious, won’t disclose who sent it tho.

“Oh baby, it`s cold outside but you are melting my he(art) with your cents. You got me on all four (quarters).”

As for the mustache process, I’m hearing all sort of compliments, child molester look a like being the kindest of them all.

Just a quick reminder for those who haven’t entered the Greatest Blog Contest of All Time, tomorrow is the last day.

*872 is not the number of comments, that’s just a random a number.