Mix and Match

Since my head is a potpourri of ideas I’ll just write them as they come, so here we go:

First my Movember photo update, trying to rock the Fu Manchu, Day 12:

Movember Day 12

Second, I think I’ll go homeless for real, I’ll do it gracefully tho, wearing my nice jacket and the nice converse slim (100% Saharan dolphin leather) and knowing that the money you are helping raise is for a good cause.
Le Clown and Madam Weebles made a hell of a campaign yesterday, You can read the post here: Movember Update  and if you haven’t commented yet please comment on this post: Your Comment = 50 cents to Movember 

And just how cute I look on twitter, it’s my first time on twitter, somebody pop my cherry twitter and I didn’t even notice it, it was a result of Le Clown’s campaign:

Twitter Ex-Virgin

Twitter Ex-Virgin

Le Clown is having his own fundraising for our Movember Team check it out: Le Clown’s Challenge

Also, the great Sam and Pam sent me a bag a the healthiest food on earth, yeah, you got it right, candy corn, they also sent Doggy really nice toys, he better treasure those, if we go homeless he will have to play with rocks. Last night he was bleeding like crazy, staining all the house, broke his nail playing outside, he’s fine now, I’ll take him to the nail salon tomorrow and get his pedi done.

Gifts from Sam and Pam

Today is your last chance to enter the Greatest Blog Contest of All Time, where you’ll be able to win vouchers to buy bandanas designed by Stella nonMcCartney, if you don’t win the voting you have a chance of winning the random and if you still don’t win the random you can still buy yourself a nice bandana, they are good for your dog, cat, pig, fish, alligator, monkey or whatever you keep as a pet or even for yourself, I use the one Stella nonMcCartney sent me, that’s a fashion statement and not the NY Fashion week nonsense, you just need to see how bad ass yeah right does that hearts bandana makes me look.

Bad Ass Bandana