Full Throttle Movember

Regular readers, passers-by, blogless people, behold the grandiosity of your actions:

In 2 days we have DOUBLED the amount of comments made on: Your 2 cents, let’s make them 50 for Movember!


If you, yeah I’m talking you, no no, don’t look around, I mean you that stumbled upon this blog for the first time in your life, what about leaving a comment, won’t hurt you a bit, but remember, you don’t have to comment on this post but on the one mentioned above. By doing so you’ll be not only making me go homeless but also helping a good cause, the Movember movement.
Don’t know what is Movember about?
Well MissFourEyes gives you a nice explanation to which you can relate on this post: For the love of your healthy prostate however, I still think we men are invincible, but changing diapers is like kryptonite, that sh*t is only for the toughest.
Remember for every comment you leave on that post, I’ll donate 50 cents and a private donor will match the total amount collected so keep the comments coming, I told you I was going to bug you till the end of times.
Thanks to all sharing this post, I’ll knock on your door once I go homeless and I’m starving, Doggy is covered, there’s people fighting over him.