Halfway There

Fellow earthlings,

We have reached that crucial point, a week ago I had to brilliant idea to commit financial suicide, a week from today we’ll know if I’ll end up under a bridge or not.
Regardless of what happens a week from today I’m happy, overwhelmed, pleased and scared with the incredible response of people, thanks to all of you we have reached 66 comments which equals 33 bucks for Movember out my pocket and 33 out of the generous person who will match our donation.
It’ll be nice if we could at least reach 100 comments, I know it’s not impossible at all, we are doing great.
I’ve received many offers from people, they all wanna send me cardboard boxes to build my new house, that’s so kind of you, thanks for your support.

My Furure Hosue

My Future House

I know I’m bugging you with this and believe I’ll keep doing it, it’s all for a good cause.
If this is your first time here, please help the Movember movement by leaving a comment here (we won’t ask for you credit card): We’ll turn your comment in 50 cents, it’s like magic!  <——-Comment on that post please, that’s a link, I like comments here too, but the magic “comment to cash “machine is installed on that post. 

The Money Song