Voting for Greatest Blog Contest of All Time

Breathing beings,

The time to decide the winner of the Greatest Blog Contest of All Time is upon us.
Most of you are already familiar with the entries, there were posted yesterday here: Entries for The Greatest Blog Contest of All Time
I’m not including the entries on this post, otherwise it would be an incredible long post. You can vote only once, unless you know how to cheat PollDaddy, then you can vote thousands of times, you won’t go to jail, with this I’m not encouraging you to cheat but if you do, don’t make too obvious, keep it low.

Time to Vote

Let me remind you of the prices:
 £20 gift card redeemable in Mollie’s and Stella nonMcCartney’s store for the winner of the voting hereon People’s Choice Award
 £20 gift card redeemable in Mollie’s and Stella nonMcCartney’s store for the winner of the Random Award (using this website: Rondom )
Don’t be discouraged if you get little votes, randomness can still pick you.
We were going to have models showing ways of using the bandanas but budget is limited so you’ll have to imagine it.
Before we get on with the voting, you’ll notice that previews of the results won’t be shown  just to make things more interesting. I’ll post the full results, this will be a fair game for all.
Now on with the voting, good luck to all, all entries were great!
Voting goes till November 19th.

I’ve been crazy busy between work (yeah I do work), this contest and me getting homeless didn’t have time to check your blogs, sorry.