I’ve been touched

Fellow shadow projectors,

This is me bugging you again, I was not kidding when I said I would do so a few days ago.
We are only 25 comments away from reaching our 100 mark, this is for Movember remember?
If you don’t allow me to refresh your memory by suggesting you to read this post: Water into wine? Ha! We turn comments into money!
And if you remember, well, I’m sorry for putting through this again.

Wednesday I received a private message regarding the fundraising we are having, and by we I mean you readers and me writer (I’ve decided I’m a writer now, haven’t decided the genre yet) are holding.
A nice lady whose name I won’t disclose nor will I disclose the literal message because it was private for a reason, right?
But it was something like this:

“Thank you for doing this, my husband is struggling with prostate cancer and he’s befitting from initiatives like this, I cannot express how touched I am by this and so is my husband.”

Dear Madam who wrote this, I can only THANK YOU, you’ve touched me.

Kids, you see what you are doing with your comments?
So let’s keep the comments coming and let’s worry latter about where I’m gonna live after this.

You are the best lot around!

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Arrrghhhhh I wanted to add an image, this IMAGE CLICK HERE, but sometimes I have internal battles about what’s appropriate for certain posts, however, that image was the first that came up when I googled ¨”touche me”.