This is…Friday

This is…Animal Couriers

Animal Couriers, Our Friends.

Animalcouriers are professional pet transporters. We offer pet road travel throughout the UK and Europe, and airfreight for pets traveling further afield. Our travel blog is great way to keep up with our adventures and for owners and breeders to see what their animals get up to on the journey…

Am I advertising companies now?
No, I’m not,  Animals are friends, see, of all the time I’ve been blogging and they been commenting on my blog and others’ blogs I have never, not a single time seen them advertise their business.

They are part of our community, they are loyal readers, I don’t know how they do it, they are all over the place and keep track of all blogs, I struggle to keep up with those I follow, honest to Zeus I would like to know how you do it Animals.

I now know that whenever I take off these guys are gonna be my first option, I know they’d take good care of my furry best and if they allow me I’d travel on that van with them too.
Animals are friends, Animals are people too, I’m nobody but a mere mortal, but I endorse this company (I’ve been meaning to say that forever), in all seriousness, Animals rock!

I have to thank them, they were kind enough to reblog my post for Movember, I’m in eternal debt (now that I’m almost broke and homeless this is for real) with you guys.
You can tell that I’m big fan of Animals right?

So if you have a cricket or a whale that you wanna ship somewhere call Animals, and if you don’t have animals or the animals you have are not moving anywhere, visit their blog anyway, they always have something to say and great pics to show of all the places they take the animals.

This is…Friday!!