Follow Up Friday

Wrapping this week is gonna be easy, really easy, it basically comes down to 2 subjects, so let’s get started:


50 Cent, The Coin.

Good news, we are 86 comments, how cool is that?
What am I talking about?
If you are asking yourself that question is because you are new here, so let me brief you.
We are having the fundraising where your only task is to comment on this post: We turn words into money!  
Your comment equals 50 cents, the more comments the more money we’ll donate to this great cause. By getting involved you are helping to raise awareness for prostate cancer.
Easy right?

The Greatest Blog Contest of All Time: 

They great contest is now on its voting phase, let me tell you that is gonna be an interest result, nothing is set yet, so keep voting and bribing people to vote for you.
Participants had to create a short story using 5 words given by the honorable organization.
You can read all the entries here: People’s Choice Award 
And vote here: Great Entries for The Greatest Contest 


Follow-Up Friday

This post is part of an idea that Jodi had to allow people to catch up with a week worth in post at a glance, it’s supposed to be on a Friday but my Friday’s are taken, so let’s pretend today is Friday.