Sunday Again

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I’ll share one of my most popular and demanded recipes, it’s a Brazilian dish called Moqueca, if you google it you’ll find a ton of variations, but the secret is to keep it simple, so here we go:

We’ll need (I don’t put amounts of anything, cuz we are not baking so it’s all matter of taste):

Any white fish, I like Tilapia or Pink Bream. Avoid cod.
Pepper (bell pepper)
Tomato (peeled and seeds removed)
Cilantro, Chinese Parsley or Coriander, whatever name you give it, it’s the same.
Coconut Milk (not coconut cream, is not dessert we are doing)
Pepper (black pepper)
Cumin Powder
Cayenne pepper
Palm oil or olive oil.
And Love.

Now this is easy, easy:

Chop the onion, pepper and tomato as you see it on the pics, if you have feet for hands, chop it as you please, it’s gonna look ugly but taste the same.
Finely chop the garlic and cilantro.
Peel and devein the shrimp and set aside.
Cut the fish in bite size chunks, drizzle with lemon and set it aside.
Now, grab a pan, or a shallow thing for the oven (the pics are from yesterday, I decided to cook it in the oven, but flavors blend better if you do it on a pan), now you’ll put a little bit of oil, and all you have to do is layer up, onion, tomato, pepper, cilantro, garlic, fish and shrimp, salt, pepper and cayenne. Pour coconut milk, cover with tin foil and let it cook over medium low heat.
If you decide to do it in the oven you gotta pre-heat the oven at 300F, put it in and cook for 20-25 minutes, then remove the tin foil and cook for 10 minutes more.
And bang ready to eat.

I was going to give the recipe of a killer caipirinha but I’ll only share the pics, when I feel generous I’ll share the recipe.