Dear diary,

It may not look like but I’ve been crazy busy, I haven’t had much time to go around all the blogs, but I’m slowly catching up.
The Greatest Blog Contest of All Time is now closed, results will be posted tomorrow.
Movember is also coming to an end then it’ll be matter of stealing all the money I can from my friends and paying for the donation.

With all these things going on I neglected something that I committed to long ago, my friend Jodi from Heart Like a Dog is putting together a dog calendar, with pics of all the dogs of other bloggers, Doggy is not on it. He tends to go for trashy things, mild puppy porn and since he’s working his way up as dragqueen he’s trying to appeal a different audience.
The idea of this calendar is to raise fund for a shelter, you make a donation and get a calendar, what’s interesting is that you get to pick who is featured on the calendar. If I may once again bother you and abuse of your kindness, I would appreciate if you pop to there and vote for Mollie, she said she would send me 3 pages of the calendar if she wins. And if you feel like donating, you can contact Jodi and she’ll give you a better explanation than the one I’m giving you, after all she’s a true writer. She’s putting a lot of work into it, I don’t know how is she handling it as she is also writing her 6 millions words for NaNoWriMo

I’m full of great and not so great ideas for this blog that I’ll be sharing with you soon or not too soon, we never know.
Let me just share something quick, I had an editor for a day, the pay was 2 cents a year, he quit because Google refuses to work with me, so now I have no editors, guess you won’t notice the difference. I could have offer that editor 4 cents a year but it’s matter of principles my friends.
As for you Google, you can suck it!

So I was looking for a “Google suck it” pic and it turns out theres a website for people like me: F*ck Google

F*ck Google