And the winners are…

Ladies and Gentlemen the moment you all were waiting for is here, the results of The Greatest Blog Contest of All Time are out.

As a reminder, the ideas was to create a short story using these 5 words:

Patron (tequila)

Everybody conveyed in the fact that Mollie is a vamp, not to be confused with vampire, if you haven’t read the stories you should click here there’s some funny stuff.
Now on with the winners:

Winner of The People’s Choice Award

Vamp Mollie stole Easy
From Litchi, you see,
We’d searched the high-sea
And swamp, if you believe
The catfish negotiated
And said to Litchi, she should pardon
So Litchi, for her friend, drank to Mollie, some Patron.

From South Africa Long Life Cats and Dogs, they have won the first 20 prize, however, as an special request and with Stella nonMcCartney’s approval, I processed the donation of their prize to Battersea Animal Shelter.

Winner of the Random Award:

I’m getting writer’s block because I can’t construct a sentence with Mollie, vamp, swamp, Patron and catfish in it.

From Arizona, Kyla.
Kyla, you can now talk to Stella nonMcCartney, she has already received the payment for your Bandanas and its shipping, you only need to pick  them and she’ll send them to you.

I wanna thank you  for all your comments, all the entries, all the voters, without you this would have been a disaster, we had 25 entries and over 6 millions votes (over 60).
Since we all had fun with this I’ll be organizing something for HUMANS later, there’s so many people among us that do great things, as long as I can afford your crafting I’d be happy to organize a contest and use your creations as prizes. We need to help our local business, and in this blog world we are all locals (that sounded nice, philosophical and even tears worthy in my mind, so please tell me you cried)

Below you’ll find the proof that this contest was fair.