Gracias Señorita, Uno, Dos, Tres, El Gato, El Perro

120 Comments = $60 out of my pocket +$60 out the matching donor= $120 for Movember and all thanks to YOU!

It was bond to happen

When I set the time frame for the Movember Fundraising I was not aware that the last day was going to be before Thanksgiving. Not that I want to make this a special moment, but it’s nice that I actually have something to thank you all for or y’all, did I tell you that I can’t stand the y’all? I can’t, baby Jesus knows how much it annoys me.
Anyhow, when the idea of this way to raise money hit me I shared it with Le Clown. See I had no team and I didn’t want to just let my crappy mustache grow and I also didn’t want to just donate a few bucks. I wanted to leave the donation in your hands, of course I had a limit (which we didn’t reach).
I was kinda worried that it was going to crash and burn, but with the quality of the people who follow this blog it was not the case.
As you can imagine is a nearly impossible task to name every single person who commented, a lot of whom came from your blogs or just stumbled upon it and took the time to comment.
I would like specially thank those of you that reblogged and shared the post, thanks to you this not only got bigger but I also got the chance to meet other great bloggers.
I’ll try to list all bloggers who shared the 50 Cent for Movember post, in case you don’t know their blogs now you have the chance to meet them, I know I’m forgetting a lot of people that’s why I was hesitating to make a list. So please forgive me if you shared/reblogged the post and I don’t mention you.
The Bloggers for Movember Team deserves also a huge Thank You!
Before the list one big THANK YOU, to all those who sent me private messages sharing your personal stories, you made this whole thing logical, also to those of you who offered to help paying for the donation, I really appreciate it. I won’t name you, I’ll respect the fact that you wanted to keep it private.
Fellow readers you all are amazing! I can’t thank you enough.

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So, happy Thanksgiving y’all!