I can play the Fiona Apple’s letter card too.

I’ve been working for about 2 years with a girl from Belgium, out 30 something interviews she was the only one who convinced me, really good worker, we have never had issues of any kind, however, not too long ago she decided to start blogging (this is her blog: La Guiri Belga), and since they our relationship at work has changed.
Instead of saying good morning when I walk in the office the question is; “How are you doing, and by you I mean your stats?”

She had a really popular post, it took me 2 weeks or to beat her best day ever, my hits are very constant, between 2-3 millions a day*, hers varies, she has picks and then lows, you know, we all hate those lonely high bars, they looks so sad up there.

This week she decided to play dirty and recurring to low and unfair tactics, yeah, she decided to post the letter that Fiona Apple sent to her fans in Latin America, a letter about her dog that suffers from Addison’s disease, she had to cancel her tour because her 14 yo dog needs special care and Fiona fears her dog is gonna die soon and she wants to be there when ti happens, very respectful, if you have a dog you will surely sympathize with her and understand her.

Due to that heartfelt letter on this post: La Carta de Amor de Fiona Apple her hits rocketed and she made sure to rub it on my face, she send me a screen capture of her stats first thing this morning.

This is war!

So if you wanna (and you should, but remove your make up) read Fiona Apple’s letter in english click here: Fiona Apple’s letter to her fans. 

Fiona Apple and Her Dog.

Yeah, I’m playing Fiona’s card too.

*You didn’t believe that right?