Let me introduce you

Miss Peach H. Billy

Remember a few days ago I mentioned that I had hired and fired an editor?
Don’t worry if you don’t, I barely remember it, so we are cool. Turns out my editor is back. She begged to be part of this blog, I couldn’t say no, I couldn’t leave someone without a job before the holidays, without further ado let me introduce you the newest (and only) addition to this blog:

Miss Peach H. Billy  was born and raised in Ginger Robbins, GA (yes, it exists), is self employed and in her free time wrestles boars (family tradition).
Miss H. Billy is an experienced writer, so I hope she can improve these posts. She won’t be writing posts, her job is limited to editing misspellings, I’m gonna throw a lot of them just to try her and to see that my money is being invested smartly and not just doing charity work with this young lady.

Although this may look like a joke, it isn’t. Miss H. Billy is working backstage, I’ll pay her 2 cents a year and a 15% annual bonus.
She won’t answer messages, nor interact with all of you, she’s not prepared for that task, I don’t trust her yet. Rumor has it she’s just here because of the Pulitzer Award that I’ll win next year.
I’ll share with you the thank you email she sent me when I gave her the job back.

Thank You Letter

Dear Sir,

As we come upon the thanksgiving holiday, I wanted to find just the right words to let you know how grateful I am to be your employee and, more importantly, do what you tell me to do.
Your overarching
 condescending tone in our business interactions reinforces the silent contempt you demonstrate when you do me. It’s this incredible ability to conceal your emotions while at the same time making them fully
known that makes my position as DS Editor in Chief a joy and a pleasure during this holiday season.

Thank you again,
Peach H. Billy

You’re welcome Miss H. Billy.

Yesterday I mentioned that I would have a guest blogger today, well, guess what? My mind likes to mess with me and the guest won’t feature today but tomorrow. I got mixed up, I’m sorry for the confusion, sometimes I wonder what is really going on up in my head.