The Like Paradox

We all have been faced more than once by the dreaded Like button. This became popular on Facebook but it’s also present on many sites like this blog.

Evil Like Button

Liking a post is a way of showing appreciation for someone else’s work, I think we all can reach an agreement there. But liking just for the sake of it or because we are in a hurry may put us in an awkward position.

Before liking a post we must read it because even though the title may suggest something, the content of that post may be the total opposite, for example Porn by MissFourEyes. I liked that post, but there was no porn on it! Was I disappointed? No, I wasn’t but I bet that many kids looking for actual porn on Google were.

That example doesn’t now say much, you may be thinking, ok, you are right, that was easy, but what about the “What a great life I’m living!” kinda title? What if you hit Like without reading the post and the content had nothing to do with being happy or grateful about the life that person is leading, but rather an ironic approach as to how miserable that person feels. Liking a post of that kind may be insensitive and sometimes disrespectful, unless you have read it and your like goes accompanied with a few words of support.

I’m paranoid, I’m always thinking someone is gonna kill me. As a matter of fact I’m sure that’s how I’m gonna die, I’ve dreamed many times about it, someone killing me just like John Lennon, in my door way. I have to start carrying a letter in my pocket so it can be published once I die. It’d be quite revealing and mysterious, I would start the letter with “I knew this was going to happen…” Ok, I’m deviating from the original idea of this post.

Just imagine

As I was saying, I’m a little paranoid and I fear that someday someone is gonna write in between the post something like “If you have read until here please do not like the post, I want to know if people actually reads a post before liking it.” I honestly couldn’t handle the embarrassment, just imagine it, you wanted to be nice by clicking Like and it backfired on you, you’ll be forever marked like a witch or a prostitute in the dark ages.

So is Liking a good or a bad thing?
It depends. According to anthropological studies of the MIT, they don’t give a damn.
As for my studies, Liking is good when you don’t have something smart to say or when whatever you wanted to say has been already said on the comments. I know sometimes it’s hard to come up with something nice to say and in those cases Liking a post is a good thing.
Now I’m babbling, I wanted to theorize but I honestly can’t do much thinking when I’m hungry.

The Like button has now become a slut, you can use it and abuse it. We all have seen the “Like this if you like your mom, ignore it if you want her to die before having breakfast” post on Facebook, since that sort of thing is invading Facebook my friend list has been reduced to 2, one of them being my fake profile.

Like or Ignore? hmmm

Today I read on Becca’s Blog, a post that opened an opportunity for those who like to tickle that spot, is the Anonymous Like button. Yeah, you read it right, a button that you can click, your Like is gonna count but nobody will know who liked it. It’s a dream come true for a compulsive liker.

Whit this I’m not saying that you MUST comment every post you read, what I wanna stress is read before you like, or not, I’m no one to tell you what to do, just don’t forward those posts on Facebook please.