L-E-O and Leo is his Name-O

Dear readers,

Let me apologize for not visiting your blogs this weekend I had technical issues and remember I also locked myself out.

After all these months of blogging I’ve created a sorta bond with you so I feel like sharing details of my private life, you know, so we get to know each other better.
When I was a kid my parents would send my brother and I to the country house during summer, so we city kids would learn what life in the country was like, and by country I don’t mean country club style, I mean farming, my grandpa is not a farmer per se, but he has business in that area, so let’s say he is a farmer, I know how to milk cows and goats, how butcher a chicken, how to help a pig deliver, how to plant and harvest many plants, how to fish and how to ride horses, my grandpa has horses and a cows, I own cows, 4 were given to me when I was a kid and of course they multiply and those new cows and the cows of those cows are mine too, I haven’t seem my cows in ages, they probably don’t know who I am anymore.

Remember us? We are your cows!

Remember us? We are your cows!

Back then I hated to go to the country, the thought of it would depress me, I would cry (for real), but once in the farm I was happy, skinny dipping in the lake, playing with the dogs and feeding Butterfly the pig. 

Now I appreciate all the things I learned, life lessons and other skills that may or not become handy after the Mayan apocalypse, such as; how to make cheese, how to make butter and how to make yogurt. But probably the most important thing that I learned was what you gonna see in the video attached, I’m sure that Katie and Coccolino will appreciate it.