Muses, I summon you

Where do get inspiration from?

I get inspired by you (lets say you are my muses every now and then) and my daily routine, a word sometimes inspires an entire post. Not that my posts require much thinking but 300 words are hard work at times.
It’s funny, sometimes I start a post with an idea, and after writing the first line I find myself going in a different direction. I meant to tell you the other day I was abducted by aliens and ended up telling you about my summer life at the farm.

There’s a subject that I wanna touch after I saw something on Alice’s blog, I discussed it with her and she agreed that it was a good idea, then today John revived the idea of that post. I may look for collaboration when I decide to touch that subject and by collaboration I mean approval.



First I have to ask you something and this is crucial as it will determine the approach to that subject. I’ll add a poll so you can anonymously respond. I would love to hear your thoughts, I’ll keep the results hidden to not influence in your answer.

This is a nice way to include you as part of the creative process of this blog. There’s a catch though, up to this point I haven’t told you what the subject is, neither what the Yes or No to the question above means, but you go with the flow and let me do the rest.

I have the day off so I’ll be able to consciously catch up with your blogs. It relaxes me, I’ll be a couch potato.

Thanks for your assistance, you are the best.