Whatever happened to class?

First the poll results:

Poll Results

Poll Results 34 No – 11 Yes

We can say I’ll be safe touching that subject, thanks for your help, I have work to do now.

But today is all about manners. Whenever I use pictures on this blog I try to get to the source and link the pic directly to it, I try to ask for permission and give credit to whomever owns the image.

I thinks is a good way to avoid problems, give credit and ask for permission whenever necessary.

I saw a pic I liked on Instagram, I thought it would be nice sharing it with you so I asked the owner,  a photographer promoting her work on Instagram if I could use the pic on my blog. I said I wanted to give her proper credit and link the pic to her website, that I didn’t see one on her profile but if she was kind enough to send me the link I would do it, that if she didn’t mind me sharing her pic.
I knew that the answer could be yes or not and I would’ve been ok with either answer.
But that wench has no manners, her answer was:

No. My picture! You are not allowed to share it, don’t bother me.

And blocked me.

The betch!!!(that’s what I thought) I could have given her a nice F U but I’m better than that, I already sent someone to kick her ass and steal her camera (not true).

Say it Lab! 

To start with, she doesn’t know my blog, so is not that she was not interested on seeing her pic on my blog, which would have been very licit and I would have respected it.
It was a really nice picture, but the girl has an disgusting attitude. She has website, I looked for her all over the place, she has a LinkedIn profile, I’ll create a fake company and arrange a fake job interview for a fake magazine so I can laugh at her.
Manners, whatever happened to them?