Grey Sunday Again

Fellow bloggers, Sunday again, tomorrow Monday and back to work, ewww.

Since now we are besties, after the farming post you all know everything about me.
Turns out I’m turning into an exact copy of my dad, 10 years ago the mere idea of it would have depressed me, pissed me off. However, now I think I would be lucky to turn out to be like my dad. Smart man,great career,  loves to read, plays several instruments, married a great woman (I gotta tell you about my mom some day, the woman kicks ass), brought up two decent citizens, that all sounds great right?
But why? Oh, why do I have to also get the things that are so annoying about my dad??
Not fair, not fair at all. I’m just as picky as he is, perfectionist (don’t take the blog as an example, Miss. H. Billy is not doing her job, I’ll fire her ass) and I have little patience (being so much alike back home was war between the both of us, I’m pig headed, blamed on mama), and here what I feared the most *gasp* grey hair!!!

Did Bates call Cooper a woman? And yes she masturbates, it’s normal and as she said our right! 

Yes, I’m full of grey hair!
I’m only 20ish, my dad when he turned 35 was full of grey hair and that seems to be the road I’m heading. Last year I only had 3-4, I even joked with a friend of mine who is sorta ginger that he had more grey hair than me, now he’ll be laughing at my face.
I’ll never dye my hair though, I’ll own it, but I don’t think it’s fair. My hair is black, really black, the blackest you could think of, so a grey hair screams on it.
This could have given me a break, 10 years, even 5, I would be ok with 5 more years of black hair.

So yeah, thank you dad, I appreciate it.