Scandalizing names

Once in a while there are songs that keep coming to my head and I can’t help it but sing them out loud.
One of my greatest frustrations is that I’ll never get to be an opera singer, not the opera singer that I would like to be that is.
I shared with you not too long ago this frustration of mine, I would like to be a soprano, sing at the MET, give my recitals at the Carnegie Hall and give opera master class to all those girls wanting to be sopranos like me, however, since I’m a man that’s not possible and I already passed that age I cannot be a castrato (not that I would like to, Doggy still has his things and I intend to keep mine too).

Chop them off

Chop them off

Yesterday as I was preparing dinner a song came to my head, to be honest I don’t even remember when or where I first heard that song, fact is this happens to me often, songs come to me that I have no clue where I got them, now thanks to google is easy to find them because you know how bad is wanting to remember something, I lose my mind if I can’t remember, I call people and bother every single soul I know.
The song is Scandalized My Name, according to what google says it was first performed by Paul Robeson, but the version I sing and yeah, I do both voices, is the one with Jessye Norman and Kathleen Battle.
The song is about gossiping and somehow reminds me when people says “I hate gossip, but let’s trash the person who just left”.

Tomorrow I’m having the honor to have my second guest blogger, you gotta come back and read what that person has to say.

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