True Fairy Tales: Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel

Their Profile: They were trespassers, they had no business eating that poor woman’s house. The “witch” as they called her didn’t lure them into her house, she was protecting her property, she put a lot of work into it so 2 brats could come and eat her house, not fair and of course is illegal.

Hansel and Gretel, victims?

Hansel and Gretel, victims?

Facts: The “witch” fed them for a while (something that their parents were not doing, as a matter of fact they abandoned them in forest).
Hansel and Gretel outsmarted this poor woman and brutally killed her, was a heinous crime. I’m sure the defense would have pleaded mental insanity but the DA and the jury would have had to be extremely fool to fall for that, it was clear the crime was well-studied and meticulously planned. Their plan was to burn this old woman alive, even if this woman deserved to die it was not up to them to do it.

Let's skip to Scotland.

Let’s skip to Scotland.

They fled the murder scene, authorities tried to track them down but apparently they moved with the help of the animals of the forest to Scotland (there was no extradition treaty between Scotland and Germany). Based on witness accounts Hansel and Gretel were not brothers, they were lovers. Gretel was well-known in Edinburgh’s underground, she was the madam of a brothel, Hansel would use his looks to lure young immigrants into their web of prostitution, Gretel was the brains and Hansel the muscles  of their operations.
Family of the “witch” tracked them down, they were seeking revenge, the couple burnt down the brothel and left Edinburgh.

They were later seen in London where several girls started to appeared mysteriously and brutally murdered, this was later known as the “Jack The Ripper” case.
Authorities in Germany were sure that it was Hansel and Gretel behind those crimes but had no way to prove it. The couple got a lead that the Germans have sent a group of assassins to take care of them and were believe to have moved to America, where they could have changed their identities and start a new life of crime and corruption.
Witness swore they saw Gretel in the French Quarter, New Orleans as the Madam of a brothel, others said to have seen Hansel smugglings in the Mississippi Delta. It seems like they planned to repeat what they did in Edinburgh this time in America.

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