3 out 3 in

Yikes, after yesterday’s post I lost 3 followers, I don’t usually keep track of those things but when I post something that I think may offend someone I take a look at the numbers and check it throughout the day. I’m not sad, this is a long way and I’ll win and lose followers, that’s how life works.
However, I’m gonna celebrate that I won 3 followers, life is good, we are even.



You gotta blame Pam and Sam tho, I had an epiphany while commenting on their blog (I always find inspiration there), a voice told me to publish the info that I had available about all the fairy tale characters, yeah, cuz there’ll be more, Snow White, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Goldilocks and Red Riding Hood have their days numbered.
Let’s hope I don’t keep losing 3 readers per post, otherwise I’ll end up like in Facebook, with 2 friends one being my fake profile.

For me the most important of this blogging experience is you, the readers, however, I can’t censure myself especially with silly things like what happened to Snow White or who was really behind the Ugly Duckling story.

You may or not recall that a few months ago I kept talking about my blogroll, I prepared a nice thing but then I had too many people to put there, the page would have been endless. I don’t wanna leave valuable readers/bloggers out, so I won’t put a blogroll at all. What I’ll do is a hall of fame, where I’ll feature all the guest bloggers, I plan to have a lot of guests (assuming they wanna be a guest in here, but I’ll address that problem when it comes).

Ohh the result to yesterday’s poll is:

Do you still feel sorry for Hansel and Gretel?

No: 19 or 68%

Yes: 1 or 4%

You sick, sick man:ย 8 or 29%

29+4+68=101% Yay for your math team WordPress!