A Hillbilly in Vegas

Because you asked I’m gonna tell you what happened to Miss Hill Billy in the wedding in Vegas.

Quick fact: Miss Peach was a Youth Pastoress (female pastor) after her father found out she was doing the dirty she was sorta disowned, so she now has issues trying to be happy, I’m her evil voice.

Miss Peach arrived late and no saying regarding the sleeping arrangements so she ended up stuck with the cousin nobody likes.
She texted me to complain and I asked to relax enjoy the week in Vegas, to gamble all her food stamps away and be happy.

Not really! You a coat poorer.

Not really! You a coat poorer.

She met up with her sister (the only one in the family that likes her), she sent me a picture of a cocktail, a Lycheetini to which I replied “Nice to know you are relaxing and enjoying the night”.
Her answer was “Relaxing?! You gotta be kidding, this crap was 19 bucks plus tips, I’m broke now.” 
I asked not to worry about the money, she could steal some from her mom.

Stealing was not necessary, Miss Peach hit jackpot and won $39 in a night, more money that she has ever seen in her life, she was ecstatic, I felt bad to tell her that with that money she couldn’t buy 2 Lycheetini, I was not going to rain on her parade but someone else did.
Some random guy puked on her brand new white coat, luckily for her the coat was on the chair.

This is the recount of the first 2 days of her stay in Vegas, so far rather dull, but wait till I ‘ll tell you about the trapeze lesson and the seizure during the wedding ceremony.

And tomorrow another guest blogger, don’t you miss it.

Please note that all I say about Miss Peach is true (except the food stamps part) and with her consent, only rules are no pic and no real name.