A Talking Cat? Uh huh….sure…..

Please welcome my good friend and today’s guest blogger Pam from One Spoiled Cat. 

Here I am – well into the second half of my life – living in a comfy home in rural Virginia with my husband and my cat Sam. Life is good for all of us. It’s been a bumpy road – true enough – but right now, it’s good. Sam’s blog is followed by way more people than I ever would have guessed – I think somehow keeping up with an old cat who is very spoiled and talks about napping and noisy vacuum cleaners and tissue paper is so “normal” that it helps bring some “normal” into this fairly wacky world we live in. Sam’s not extraordinary in any way…..he’s just a cat who talks through a blog. People seem to enjoy what Sam’s got to say every day. It’s also a lot of fun to write “for” him – I enjoy that. After all, I am a writer…..or WAS.

Once upon a time I had two books published by a publisher who is no longer in business (gone the way of many small publishing houses). So I changed things up and self-published a couple of books. I’ve written poetry and short stories for years and in fact was the Editor for a poetry book publisher at one time. I tried my hand as the Fiction Editor for the publisher of an internet magazine which in turn put me in touch with a lot of very talented writers who have remained friends – so I guess I’ve kind of “been around the block” in that arena. Blogging was a natural extension. What it ACTUALLY was (for me) was a way to get back INTO writing after illness took away every ounce of my desire to write (or do much of anything else). Sam’s blog pulled me back into being creative – in a rather nice and fun way. Sam himself helped with that too because every single day is full of his antics and affection and I have no idea where I’d be if I hadn’t adopted him 13 years ago from the local shelter.

So every day now I write “for” Sam via his personal blog One Spoiled Cat. In doing that I actually am sharing a lot more than what Sam is doing….I’m sharing myself and my life as well as keeping my hand in the “creative” arena. There’s a lot to be said for that – just ask any blogger….even Sammy….he can talk you know and with some luck will be talking for a long time to come.

Thanks for the guest spot Leo my friend………it was fun!