Ask your way into knowledge

Ok, I have something fun for you to help me with. I promise you it won’t take much of your time and will make someone very, very happy, assuming the Mayans are wrong (I hope they are right, I took a loan and I have no intention of paying it back).
Remember, when you help others you can’t help helping yourself.
So let’s help ourselves helping Stella (owner of Mollie’s blog). She’s been having problems with her internet, been waiting for a new router for ages, she feels a bit abandoned and I thought of a way of cheering her up. She loves to help people, she loves to answer questions, seriously, any question.



We were chatting a couple of days ago, I was touched by the way she feels, so as a pay back for all the nice things she does I thought it would be great if we could gather 50 questions, anything goes, from history to quantum mechanics, she’ll be happy to answer for us.
This is simple, you just leave a question in the comments and I’ll make sure to copy and paste it on Stella’s blog once we have gathered all the questions. She will answer them and I’ll get back to you with the answer. I’ll make a post with all the questions linking to your blog.
WWJD? Die and ask him

WWJD? Die and ask him

And just as a payment for your effort and sportsmanship I’ll put the names of those who helped on that Random website, the person selected will get the T-shirt of your choice from Threadtless (they have a lot of cool stuff there).
You just need to leave a comment with 1 or 100 questions and that’s it.
50 is just a number if we send her 1,000 she’ll be even happier and I’ll be extremely busy, but I don’t care, she deserves it.
Anything goes, no taboo.
Thanks in advance, you are the best crowd ever.
And a huge thanks to Pam and Misaki for helping out with this.
Warning: I’ll be out enjoying my company’s Christmas lunch, I may get a bit too tipsy (hammered) so do not pay attention to silly comments replies.