Thanks John, scratch that, Thanks ME

If you are reading this is because you are still alive and if you are still alive is because the world didn’t end, thus the Mayans were wrong, perhaps because today is John’s birthday, in that case we ought to thank John because thanks to him we are still roaming this world.
However, if you wanna thank someone we should thank FrankAngle, it was thanks to him that I met John, but I met FrankAngle thanks to Le Clown and I met Le Clown thanks to DockFam Adventures and I met DockFam thanks to…..never mind, you gotta thank me.

John by Rara

Thanks, John
by Rarasaur

Should the world decide to end,
do not be alarmed.
Make haste to John’s–
you’ll be trained and armed.
We’ll practice our camouflage
by hiding in trees!
We’ll master our swordplay,
and shoot the breeze.
We’ll prepare for foraging,
(and we’ll wear the right pants.)
You’ll keep bloggers alive, John–
So thanks in advance.

Back to the start, today is John’s birthday, he was guest blogger in here, I met him on my Movemember Campaign thanks to Frank.

I was given to chance to participate of this “Let’s have a nice gesture with a nice guy on his birthday” idea and of course I said yes, come on, we are talking about John in here.

Free Labor

Free Labor

I “met” him over a month ago and I’m not sucking up to him because he’s now part of my staff (see pic above) and is working for free, but because he deserves it, he’s funny, and I mean FUNNY, fucking funny (see John, you can use expletives here) he’s the kind of person that if I lived closer I would take him, his wife and his 80 cats, mastiff, 3 goats and a donkey for a drink, we would leave all guns and tanks at home unless we want police officer to stop us at gun point.

John, you are one my favorite bloggers, I wish you all the best, I promise this post was funnier and nicer (way nicer) in my head, everything is nicer up there, but you know better, you too hear voices.

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