Who doesn’t like a quicky

I imagine we all are busy, so let’s make this go faster.

Company christmas/goodbye sorta party that lasted till midnight, needless to say I was a bit affected by the cucumber on my Hendricks, hence my disappearance from Blogville till today.
I’m ashamed, there’s nothing funny about getting stupidly drunk, however, reading drunk texts is always funny, specially because when I text I always text the same people (tho who text me when they are drunk)
I’ll share with you Facebook updates from that Friday.

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I’ll be eating like a pig tonight, cuz that’s what we do, no gift exhcnage cuz apparently I’ve been too naughty, which is ok, I own my crap.
For all of you who celebrate Christmas have a merry night, abuse the eggnog and don’t cause much family drama, good I have no family here.

Don’t forget about Company for Christmas, check the blog tomorrow please.