I’m on Twitter….Again

So yeah, I decided to create a new account on Twitter, you can follow me if you want @DoggyStyle4u. I don’t  “twit” often, just 2-4 times a day.

Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 11.44.52 PM

My Beautiful Soon To Be Blocked Profile

As for now I’m following a few celebrities, Oprah and Benedict included, I “twit” them when I wake up and before I go to bed.
They keep ignoring me, good thing is I have the sensibility of a rock and I don’t get hurt easily otherwise I would have to take meds for the depression.

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My Friendly “Twits” To My Buddies

I’ve been planning to follow Mr. Freshly Pressed from WordPress but I don’t wanna test my luck.
Asking Oprah for pics of her dinner is enough, she can get me fired from life if she wanted and with Benedict, well, what’s at stake is even greater. His boss is THE MAN, I just want to have a direct line, direct access for when I need answers to my questions like “Why did I go for milk and I come home with flour and no milk?”, “Why am I losing my marbles this early in life?”, “Why do fools fall in love?” and “Can you please get rid of my body hair, except eyebrows, eye lashes and hair up in the head”

I also have questions for Oprah, “Why do you only review crappy books?”, “Could you please review my book?”, “You seriously like Tom Cruise?”, “Is Gayle a good kisser?”, “Better than Dr. Phil?”, “Could you pay my taxes next year?” and “Why don’t you just get The View cancelled and send Barbara Walters to a deserted island?”.