Tears From My Heart

Tears roll down my face as I write this, not because I’m sad but because I caught a damn cold and whenever I catch a cold my left eye decides to cry non stop. Beautiful, just lovely.
Let me open my heart to you.

I fucked someone else’s life (life at work that is). I walked in the office on Wednesday, I had a lot of work to catch up on. January is one of the busiest months in here and if you add the fact that I’ll be leaving my job in about 2 weeks things only get harder.
I asked people to have something done by Friday. That something usually takes 5 days, but in my mind was Monday. I saw the expression of panic on their faces, they said it was not possible, that they needed more time, to which I replied that they had plenty of time, all the time they always needed. Nobody said a thing after that, I went back to my desk and resumed my duties (blogging among them).
This morning (Thursday) I walked in and realized that I had the days wrong in my head, then I thought about what I had asked those poor guys the day before.
I sat down, drank my cold milk and was going to tell them about the mix up, however, I didn’t. They looked like they were enjoying their job and who am I to deprive people of their happiness?

Cute Bosses

Cute Bosses

What I’ll do is wait till today (Friday) at around 6pm, see how they are progressing. If they are done, I’ll know they’ve wasted company time in the past and fire them (I wouldn’t do such thing, but I would look at them and tell them they are and then tell them they are not, that it was a joke). If they don’t have it done I’ll you look all merciful and kind when I give them an extension, as my friend John suggested yesterday.
I’ll be the always benevolent Leo.

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