Time for an update

I haven’t talked about my furry beast in quite some time, so is time for me to tell you a bit about him.
He’s already a year, meaning he thinks he’s a man and has a saying at home, the las month was a bit of a challenge, teenagers are a headache and he was no different. If he wanted independence he should move out or else he must live under my rules cuz he lives under my roof and I pay for his food.

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After the landscaping incident he hasn’t done anything terrible at home. I told you ge is a good dog.
Over NYE I sent him to a Spa, was a nice place, he had plenty of room to run and play.
When I picked him up he was a different dog, still stinky but a reformed dog. Jail changes you and with you Doggy was no different, he was really happy to see me, my welcome gift was a trip to the groomer, I was not hugging that mass of dirt and stench.
Of course I wanted to hold him and play with him, but I can show my weaknesses.
I also got the his pedigree papers and a mating opportunity from a bitch that looks just like him, however, I don’t know if I’ll take it, I don’t want money from puppies nor need another puppy.

Have a nice weekend.