Candy Mardi Gras

In Spain the 3 Wiese Men are huge, not in size but in fame, and since after The Pope announced on his most recent book that these 3 King were not from the East but from Spain, things get more interesting.
The day of the 3 King there are parades around the city, a sorta Mardi Gras, but with candies and without boobs flashing, guys mooning and STDs a week later.
When Amy posted on her blog about Santa Coming to Town,  I told her I would make a post about the parade in here and here I am keeping word.
So enjoy the pics.
FYI, the guy who looks like dead is ok, he fainted for second and then was back picking up candies.

Today I’m feeling a little better, I can open my eyes and fever is gone, still producing a lot of mucus, ever opened a passion fruit? Well, I’m like that.