True Fairy Tales: Snow White

Profile: Only child, mother died while giving birth, rich father, spoiled girl. First world problems “I look fat in that hand-made silk dress,” “The emerald earrings don’t match the pearl necklace, I wanna die!” Turned into goth and started using illegal substances, thus the nickname Snow White.



Facts: Snow White was not an innocent girl. The servants of the household would complain to her step mother about the constant abuse from Snowy. They had to clean her room after the crazy nights Snowy would have. She was a pyromaniac and, according to the statement of the governess, a nymphomaniac. Snowy was not happy with her father’s marriage with The Queen. Snowy soon started to boycot their union, she would create the most sordid stories, trying to play the victim so her father would pay more attention to ger childish dramas, was all fueled by her over possessiveness and jealousy, she couldn’t see The Queen being happy with her father.
All The Queen wanted was to get Snowy into rehab.
Snowy ran away to the forest and used her looks to entice 7 hard working dwarfs. Little did they know it was the beginning of the end for them — Snowy was part of the Forest Cartel. She would smuggle cocaine to neighbor kingdoms and saw the mines as a great hiding place for the “goodies.” Snowy used the dwarfs as sex slaves and mules, little mules that is.


S-hoe White and the 7 Dwarfs

Soon the DEA was on Snowy’s heels. Snowy got leads from Rapunzel, she knew she was cornered. She planned the perfect escape. She would destroy the mine and kill all 7 dwarfs to erase all traces of her wrong doing. She would fake her own death and start a new life somewhere else.
It worked, and with the help of Prince she was “buried.” Prince was later found dead, and Interpol has included Snow White on the most wanted list. She’s accused of murdering 7 dwarfs and Prince and for the use, trafficking and distribution of illegal substances and for having practiced the “Colombian Tie” on more than 35 of her servants. She also ruined her father’s marriage and The Queen’s reputation.

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