Giveaway Time With a Plus

I’m keeping my word and today is the day of the giveaway (it rhymed, I’m a poet!!!)
I was talking to my editor this morning, I was concerned because I was dry (still a lot of mucus, I was dry in the imagination department) and I needed to come up giveaway idea.

The conversation went like this:

-Leo: Miss Peach, I need to come up with a sorta contest for the giveaway by tomorrow. 

-Miss Peach: You are on your own sister. 

-L: How dare you call me sister?! I’ll fire your ass. You are fired. 

-MP: Ha! You can’t fire me, you need me. 

-L: F U (stands for funny underwear, Miss Peach wears the most hideous undies). 

Miss Peach's Sexiest Garment

Miss Peach’s Sexiest Garment

-MP: Why don’t you ask people to come up with ideas for me to write?

-L: Wait, you said you’re gonna write on my blog? Are you asking me for a promotion? You wanna be an author now? 

-MP: Leo, you asked me the other day to write, this was your idea.

-L: What? Me? Never!!
Tell you what, I’ll ask people to suggest subjects for your first 3 posts, since I’ll be giving away 3 LibStrong wristbands. Everybody suggests one, I’ll throw names on the Random website and bang! Everybody is happy. 

LibStrong Wrist Band

LibStrong Wrist Band

-MP: That’s what I suggested. 

-L: Shut up, you are still just an editor. 

-MP: F U (doesn’t stand for funny underwear, my underwear is nice) 

So dear readers, just write in the comments section a topic for Miss Peach’s post, 1 topic suggestion per person. The first 3 persons on the Random list will determine the subjects of Miss Peach’s first 3 posts on this blog.
Let’s put a date, let’s say next Monday the 14th is the last day to enter. Remember it’s not a contest so anything goes, there’s always a chance to win. Go wild, Miss Peach loves a challenge.

I’ve finally managed to get Miss Peach to write, yay!!!
I hope I don’t regret it later on.

Remember, the wrist bands are to help this little girl, please check the website out: Wrists Around the World 

Thank you, you are the best!