About Peace

What is peace without voice?
Peace without voice is nothing but fear.

Ha! I got you for a second……
I’m feeling better, the worse has passed, now I can take care of what’s dire (blogging for real and getting back to you).

This is gonna be a short post, I just wanted to remind you about the Giveaway we have going on in here, just click on the blue link to enter: Giveaway Time With a Plus

And now that you are done entering the giveaway I have 2 treats for you, some hilarious videos, first about issues with animals:

And now about an animal with issues minute 2:19 the show starts, lovely, lovely, just lovely: 

And that my friends is all, now to clean my bug infested room and back to blogging.

Thanks for your patience, your business are really important to us.


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